Compassion | If It Doesn't Open..It's Not Your Door


If It Doesn't Open...It's Not Your Door

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If it doesn't open, it's not your door. 

First up, let's share some love for the unknown author of these powerful words. Isn't it fascinating that we spend more of our life entering or exiting doorways going about our daily life. Yet, we all have had or continue to have that metaphorical door that doesn't open. We tighten our grip of the handle, shake it, lean against it with all our weight with frustration and shout at it in exacerbation. We struggle, become stuck and we suffer. 

But what if we could sit down on the kerb on the opposite side of the street, take a breath of care into the sensations of distress in our body, look at the door from a distance and ask ourselves "how does persisting to try and open the door serve me in my life right now?"

What if we took time to acknowledge the unintended consequences all the persisting at the door has on our health and overall quality of life in the present time? As we approach the new year of 2018, let's seize the opportunity to drop the struggle and embrace our individual life journey by accepting the life that is here fully. By that, I mean intellectually but also experientially in our hearts.

You see, when we accept that the door is not meant for us, we are no longer stuck and in suffering mode as there is space for our feelings to come and go all on their own. We stand up, take a deep breath and walk down the street, trusting the process, trusting that our door will come along in time. And, in the meantime, we breath for the present and live the life that is important to us now. 

Photography Anna Jacobsen @weareherenow