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Hello & Welcome

I am Catherine Moore (Co-founder, CBT Therapist) & I am Jonathan Moore (Co-founder, Curator). We are a creative couple who appreciate the need for slowing down, cultivating our inner landscape, opening up to the seasons and having conversations that truly matter.

We offer a range of meaningful experiences which can be found on our MML curate and our Specialist CBT Practice pages.

We invite you to explore our resources and look forward to connecting with you on your journey that’s important to you. Our practice is on Elm Hill in Norwich and online. We also curate seasonal gatherings and project collaborations with beautiful people in inspiring spaces in the UK and Ireland.

- Catherine & Jonathan



Seasonal Gatherings - Project Collaborations - Writing & Inspiration

“Catherine’s ability to collaborate in a non-judgemental, natural and unpretentious way means that we will work together again and again in the future. Catherine is someone who is heartfelt and that means a lot in a world that can often seem so disconnected”.

- Angela, Founder, BOTANY

“Compassionate no nonsense health for the head + heart. Therapy helped me deal with a whole bunch of issues I had been avoiding for years + helped me find new ways to survive modern living. Thanks Catherine!” - Amy