Therapy | OCD Awareness Week: Our client's top 5 tips for reclaiming your life


OCD Awareness Week: Our client's top 5 tips for reclaiming your life

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We really value our clients understanding and process awareness of reclaiming their life from psychological or emotional distress. See some awesome tips kindly shared ( thank you :)) by one of our client's on how they did it. 


1 Know Your Disorder

OCD can be a bewildering and overwhelming problem. Experts in the field and sufferers who have recovered are an excellent source for understanding your condition. Books, podcasts and blogs are all available to help you get a handle on what’s been going on and what to do about it.

2 Believe Recovery Is Possible

Take from the examples of these lived experience that recovery is possible and you have the capacity within you for positive change.

3 Have Faith In Your Therapist

If you feel you need help in this endeavour do your research and find a therapist you can work with. It is important to pick the right therapist and the right therapy and then put your faith in their ability to guide and help you in your task. Their experience helping others just like you should encourage and enable you to make the changes required to get better.

4 Have Faith In Yourself

Have faith in your ability to do the work necessary and in your ability to cope and thrive doing what is asked of you. If you struggle to have faith in yourself then practice having an open mind. 

5 Do Not Hesitate

Putting off therapy and continuing to do what your OCD demands means more discomfort, doubt and behavioural responses in the form of your compulsions. These just perpetuate the vicious cycle of OCD. You may have lost many weeks, months or years to the disorder and you deserve a life without OCD.