“My time with Catherine has gifted me with a new perspective and self-compassion towards myself I didn’t even know was possible. Her non-judgemental, warm and caring way of working alongside you builds your self-worth and a fundamental belief that you are capable of of true happiness. She has helped me to let g of negative thought patterns and beliefs; I feel equipped now to take life on, and truly enjoy what it has to offer me. Thank you, thank you!'“ - Sophie

“As a long time CBT sceptic, I have been proven totally wrong by Catherine. With just a few sessions, I have learned how to cope better with my depression. She is a warm, empathetic therapist who teaches the fundamental importance of self-compassion. I highly recommend her if you are finding life difficult.” - Erica

“Therapy helped me to accept myself, my anxiety and understand it in a way that I no longer fight it which gives me a whole new way to move forward” - Tom


"This time last year I had no idea what was wrong with me. Catherine recognised I was suffering from body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) and for the first time in my life I have hope for the future and have tools for relapse prevention. She is really cool, non judgemental and really understands BDD with a lot of experience. Thank you so much!" - Helena


"CBT has helped me to learn how to manage my anxiety and live in the present. If you are suffering and curious about therapy, give it a go, you will be surprised how much better you will feel." - Joshua


"Catherine gave me the space to understand my feelings, learn how to live everyday without my thoughts or feelings mainly anxiety dominating my mood or behaviour and face my fears of failure. I learned so much about myself I never realised. My new mantra of " don't let your mood determine your behaviour" which has helped me significantly when facing challenges in my life." - Lottie


"Catherine's approach and enthusiasm helped me overcome a difficult period. She creates a friendly and warm atmosphere. Using fun and imaginative ways reframe negative situations. I highly recommend her as a therapist." - Stacey

“‘I would highly recommend to anyone suffering with OCD to meet with Catherine as soon as possible. I was in a really bad place and struggling to find a CBT therapist. I met Catherine for a free consultation and straight away I felt she helped normalise my problem and knew she was the right choice for me. After only a few sessions she had helped me to adjust my behaviour and thought processes which set me on my way to recovery. She has helped me get my life back on track and is very easy to talk to. If my OCD were to return in the future, I would be in touch with Catherine straight away.” - Barney

“Online therapy has worked wonders for me. I feel like I can connect with Catherine as if I am in her office + found sessions working from day one + gave me practical tools. I refound joy. I was a bit skeptical that it would work like "normal" therapy. How wrong I was. I had lost all sense of joy + anxiety was at an all time high, being verbally abusive to my wife + self harming. I am much more mindful of my day and I am so grateful” - Sid


"Catherine has been a big help for me in moving things to where they need to go. She is lovely, has the ease to create a safe and relaxing environment - and most importantly give the time to help you work through problems and help in finding solutions for them". - Oliver


" At a time when everything felt like it was going wrong, Catherine was able to help me focus back on myself and begin to climb out of a dark place. For that I will always be grateful! Thank you!." - Jenna


"Therapy helped me overcome a number of difficulties at work and socially, and helped me see things in a different way. I even started meditating which is astonishing for a cynic like me!" - Anna


"If you have a thought about accessing therapy don't ignore it, chances are you need it. I have learned how to take a step back, understand and accept my stress and anxiety rather than fight it. I now have the ability to keep things moving in a planned and steady approach when it comes to my university work/life balance." - Harry  

“I had been suffering from anxiety and depression for a while and was at a very low point in my life. I always assumed something must be wrong with me. Catherine helped me to open up and get to the root of my problems and that there was a way out. I gradually became more aware of my anxiety, learnt not to judge the way I was feeling and other useful techniques to deal with negative thoughts and anxiety. I am amazed at how far I have come in 6 months. My confidence has grown and I finally feel like myself again.” - Alva

"Catherine is a highly qualified skilful + experienced therapist. These qualities are essential but she is also the warmest, most empathic mental health professional I have worked with. She demonstrates compassion + human connection in our therapeutic relationship. I cannot recommend her highly enough."  - Sam 

"I never felt judged and Catherine understood what I was talking about. It can be really hard to express what is going on and it is a real weight off your mind. I now have the skills to help myself if I ever get bad again and is no longer a scary unknown. I came in really scared and panicky. Therapy has helped me understanding where my feelings are coming from, learnt the skills to calm herself and manage the physical manifestation. I no longer get so worked up now, I can spot what is happening but the realisation that it is temporary makes it so much easier to cope with it. Don’t worry about it being patronising, It is not about “ just don't think like that". It is giving you the skills to realise what is going on, forgive yourself, and be able to move forward and no longer trapped. You can go and do new things because you longer need to worry about it anymore."  - Alex