Mindfulness | Rolling Your Eyes at the Word Mindfulness Yet?

Rolling your eyes at the word mindfulness on your social media streams yet? You're not alone. It's almost as if it is being treated like a new product that we occupy until the next one comes out and suddenly we no longer want it.

However, mindfulness is not just the latest phone accessory and the collection of stuff in our lives does not make us happy. In fact, we strongly value the role in mindfulness to be the foundation in our ability for connection with ourselves, others and the world around us. 

At Moore & Moore Living, we appreciate that life is hard. We also deeply appreciate the importance of connection in our ability to creativity learn from and move through our moments of suffering and joy in life.

Knowing how to respond rather that react to our experience is really valuable in that we can meet any distress or challenge with greater awareness and ability to take care of our needs. At the same time, we can also be more fully present and authentically seen and heard as our true selves in the pleasurable moments. 

Things to Try:

  • Start with the basics - Informal mindfulness practice is about how to apply mindfulness principles to how you go about your daily routine. Formal practice is having set practice time that is dedicated through guided or formal exercise. 

  • Attitude - Practice contacting your daily routine with an openness and curiosity like you are experiencing it for the first time induldging all your senses.  A truly multi-sensory and immersive experience opportunity on tap. 

  • Bring Awareness to Your Sensory Channels - See, hear, touch, smell and taste. 

  • Connection Ideas - Shapes, textures, colours, temperatures, collective/individual sounds, tastes and sensations. 

  • General Routine Tips - Allocate time in advance to source healthy nutrition, hydrate throughout the day, have your lunch outside or go for mindful walk, set a realistic exercise regime ( have 3 quality yoga classes rather that squeezing in 5 for the sake of it), go to bed earlier and get up earlier to have early morning time in whichever way sets the tone of self-care. Open the windows and listen to the dawn chorus (bed by 10 and up at 6am), check in with yourself three times a day to promote awareness of your needs physically, emotionally and psychologically, keep an end of day gratitude/appreciation journal. Read Breathe and other related helpful magazines. 

  • Formal Practice - Headspace app, 3 min breathing space video using link https://youtu.be/amX1IuYFv8A and the website https://www.mindful.org is a personal favourite which covers a whole range of life domains. 

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