When it comes to resources for practice, we recommend exploring what you personally connect to. Starting with shorter practices, even listening to some talks can be really useful without the pressure of formal practice. Remember the whole idea is that we bring this stuff into our everyday life, beyond the zafu and so if you are new to it all then that’s just great. We cannot perfect this stuff, it is a commitment and a way of being.

We have carefully chosen a short selection that we like to get you started - sleep is a wonderful way to wind down and cultivate the slowing down for rest as self-care practice. The others are short also to give you room to explore. There are lots of apps too that are great including Headspace and Calm, please make sure you are not using any practice for the purpose of distraction.

Find what you connect to and what works for you. If you want more recommendations in addition to these then just contact us and we would love to support you in your practice.

“No destination required, start right where you are.” - Catherine

14 Mins Exploring self-care through the power of the breath by Catherine Moore

14min Opening & Calming Meditation by Tara Brach

8 Minutes Awareness Of Breath by Jonathan Foust

7 Minutes Relax into Slowing Down by Jonathan Foust

14 Mins Guided Meditation for Sleep by Tara Brach (no bell at the end)

5 Mins The Self-Compassion Break by Kristen Neff

15 Mins Soften Soothe and Allow - Working with difficult emotions in the body by Kristen Neff