Self-compassion guide for the festive season | Zoe Slade

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Things tend to get a bit hectic around this time of year with lots of parties and seasonal cheer. It can be especially tricky if, for whatever reason, you’re not a fan of the festive season. Here’s how I’ll be using self-compassion to get through the next few weeks, I hope they might help you too. 


·         Be honest with yourself that you’re not a fan. Its ok. You don’t have to keep up the charade. Treat all your feelings the same. Allow them to come and go without the judgement.

·         Letting other people know where you’re coming from can be helpful too, you don’t have to go into detail but a quick ‘heads up’ will give them the opportunity to be more accepting of your position and ease the pressure if you need to step out for five minutes.

·          It’s a two-way thing though; if they want to be the life and soul of the party, let them get on with it!


·         Face into the festive season with courage and the wisdom that you’ve got through it before and you’ll get through it again. Pull on that wisdom to think about what works well to get you through. 

·         You might need to dip into courage to share how you’re feeling with others for the previous point too…

·         Have the courage to say no or step out if it all gets too much. 

Space for self-care: 

·         Proactively block out down time and think about how this best fits into your schedule; do you need some time before an event or is recovery time more helpful for you? 

·         It doesn’t have to be big chunks of time. It could just be stepping out of a party for 5 minutes or doing a quick breathing or mindfulness exercise before you go in. 

·         Do regular body scans, noticing breathing into any areas of tension you find and practice letting it go with permission. Listen to your favourite guided meditations, take a walk, sit by the fire, give yourself a compassionate hug, ask for a hug, talk to yourself like you would do a close friend, take time to write yourself a compassionate letter and contact the things that you are grateful for in the moment.

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