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5 Mega Benefits Of Plants In The Office

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You will be keen to go green in your workspace after reading these ace benefits of plants in the office. There are many plants that are low cost, low maintenance and easily accessible. Air plants and Terrariums are currently trending in many contemporary office spaces. If you are confused about what to buy there are various plants that will thrive in the office space that is warm including our favourite the Spider plant. We have made a list below for you.


1)    Reduce Stress

A UTS 2010 study found that having just one plant in the office is all it takes to make a difference. Staff who had plants placed in their offices showed reductions in stress levels and emotions linked to depression and anxiety of a magnitude of 30 to 60%, while those with no plants recorded increases in stress and negativity of 20 to 40%, over the 3-month test period.


2)    Look Healthier

Plants help to reduce dry skin due to their transpiration process which releases moisture, creating a humidity level exactly matching human comfort range of 30-60%.


3)    Increase Productivity

Plants reduce excess carbon dioxide in the air therefore improving cognitive task concentration, focus, reduction in mistakes and a 10-15% increase in productivity for computer based workers.


4)    Reduce Sickness & Absence

Plants reduce absenteeism by up to 50% and minor illness by 30%. This helps businesses to maintain productivity and reduce absence costs.


5)    A Nicer Place To Work

Oxford Brookes University reinforce that indoor plants are not only cheaper than expensive office décor but they also offer a guarantee of positively enhancing perception of wellbeing. Plants promote a welcoming and relaxing space.


Plants That Thrive In Offices: Spider Plant, Snake Plant, Peace Lilly, Air Plant, Prothos, Terrarium, Succulents and Cacti. Most of these will live happily in a warm office and survive with a watering once per week and have some daylight. Check out if you want to explore more unusual indoor plants including the top 18 houseplants for purifying the air you breathe according to NASA.