We don't want to write a book in this section but hopefully this will give you an insight into us as individuals, as a creative duo and our journey with the things that matter most to us.

We met in London and, after a long spell there, we both grew tired of the busy lifestyle we lived and found ourselves clinging to our weekends away filled with fresh air, nature and the sound of silence. You see, we are both ex-countryside babies (myself from Co. Donegal, Ireland and Jonathan from Aylsham, Norfolk) so we always knew in our hearts that we would want to move to the countryside eventually. We got engaged in Denmark 2015, got married and moved to Norwich 2016 and lived in the lovely Golden Triangle area as a starting point.

A huge bombshell hit when I realised my new full-time academic University post was not for me and I took a huge values decision to hand in my notice after 3 weeks and worked my notice of 3 months. I cried (a lot), called my old boss in London and asked for work so I could commute part of the week whilst building the therapy practice slowly. I previously had a small practice in East London (trending-london-living) whilst working in the NHS in London and so I re-named, initially, as trending-living, temporarily. I reached out to various people for help (friends, family, psychologists, business owners, creatives across so many walks of life) and listened to their stories, wisdom and  took time to reflect on how to create a model of working that encompassed all the components that I had envisaged years ago living in Bow. We then took a step back to pause and consider how to integrate our ideas in a way that would make sense. Moore & Moore Living was born out of a deep rooted love and belief for improving the quality of human connection of our fellow human beings.

Connected Lifestyle Design is our philosophy of life which basically means living with balance and connection by integrating mindfulness, compassion and creativity for meaningful and sustained wellbeing. We created it, live by it and are committed to this stuff everyday because it helps us to be more present, have a deeper connection to ourselves and life around us and the ability to share this with others is our talent. We want to utilise our talents so we can help you, help others, and so on, to live the life that matter to you. We are very aware of the universality of human pressures and suffering in todays society. The hamster wheel of doing which is causing so much disconnection, isolation and distress, is something which so many of us have our own version of. We want to help everyone have the chance to step off it and step away from it, leading happier, healthier and more connected lives.   

Connected living offers the chance to have a loving intimacy with life as you go about your daily life and it creates a platform for deeper connection of authenticity, courage and compassion with ourselves and others. 

Our love for contemporary arts and culture is well nourished within the Norwich arts scene and we are continually grateful for the wonderful souls we meet. We love all things arts related.

Our therapy practice space is based on Elm Hill - recently voted Britain's seventh prettiest street and dating back to C.1200AD. I offer contemporary CBT which includes other areas I am trained in (see below).

We now live in a cottage on the Blicking Estate with our hairy baby Basil (our cat!). We are waiting to start planting a new harvest of goodness in the garden as we continue to learn all about growing our own. We love simple living, gatherings, being in nature and exploring each new day with fresh eyes and an open heart. We have lots of things we want to do and value the space in a regular pause to contact our gratitude in being here. Thank you for reading and be well! Catherine & Jonathan 

"As humans we come from a social tribe that was not designed to exist alone. Therefore, living a life that is rich in meaningful interactions and relationships is crucial to sustaining our emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing. Being present creates the space for self-care development and to hold the most important relationship of all which is a compassionate based relationship with the self. Only then can we bring our true version of ourselves into our relationships with others.

The knowledge and skills guide us in being able to hold our suffering with warmth and understanding, express our needs and wishes assertively and embrace our fears and vulnerability in the service of our values. We all want to look back when our time is up and and say "yes!". I want to look back knowing that Moore & Moore Living served others in their precious journey." - Catherine Moore, Founder, CBT Therapist

Catherine Moore - Co-founder, CBT Therapist

I am fully accredited BABCP therapist since 2012 also trained in advanced contextual CBT approaches including Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), Functional Analytical Psychotherapy (FAP), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), EMDR and Mindfulness.

I am an associate tutor on the post graduate CBT training programme at Norwich Medical School based at University of East Anglia. I love to share my clinical expertise with the next generations of newly qualified therapists. My approach is warm, non-judgemental, proactive and goal orientated.

I commit to living a balanced and connected lifestyle and I am dedicated to bringing these core ways of being to the wider public. I am passionate about therapy innovations and developments including providing online video therapy via skype and expanding psychology influences to the wider public including workshops, talks and retreats. I also work with the award winning IESO Digital who are making large strides on online therapy developments.

Despite my introvert tendencies, I am also a national and international conference presenter and have formally published on FAP.  I have previously worked as a senior therapist and manager in a leading East London NHS psychology service and also the Priory Hospital North London with Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. David Veale, expert in OCD, BDD and Emetophobia treatment and research.  

Jonathan Moore - Co-founder, Artist - Curator

I share the management of the practice, curation of events and creative direction developments. I postponed my Phd in Education in London to move home to Norfolk and have been continuing my love of learning, bringing the business model to life. I am dedicated to living a mindful lifestyle and keen to consolidate this with further training and establishing meaningful creative collaborations. I previously worked at the Natural History Museum and Horniman Museum London. I am delighted to expand my curation experiences at Moore & Moore Living.