Full Day 10:45-17.05pm | Norfolk NY Retreat 2019 | Click here for full description

Full Day 10:45-17.05pm | Norfolk NY Retreat 2019 | Click here for full description


Immerse yourself in a day of goodness as you slow down and reconnect to the life that is here more fully. Your day includes a wonderful variety of experiences to help you embrace the season and set intentions that are important to you now. 91 is a special venue and we will be keeping you warm, inspired and your belly full of amazing food.

10.45 - 11.45 Silent Meditation & Talk on cultivating non-judging awareness + compassion for wellbeing w/Catherine Moore, Founder of Moore & Moore Living

We can all feel quite full towards the end of the year on many levels (and not just from the christmas dinner). Catherine will guide you through an introduction to silent meditation, with the opportunity to practice and reflect together. She will support and inspire you with her stories and useful exercises to continue your practice afterwards, if you wish to. Silent meditation creates a space were clarity and calm can often appear. No better way to prepare for moving into the season and the creative seasonal planning workshop. As the saying goes ‘energy flows where attention goes’.  Meditation cushions provided. 

12.00 - 13.00 Creative Seasonal Planning Workshop w/Catherine & Jonathan Moore from M&ML

Learn all about seasonal planning and increase contact to what's important in your life more as you move through the season. Catherine & Jonathan will be walking you through a sample of their new product which is under development to help you do just this. After years of using planners both professionally and personally, they are keen to share their gems about how to put it into action for yourself. Think simplicity, flexibility, creativity and the opportunity to begin again (without the judgement). Come and be part of this meaningful journey which takes their product vision a step closer to reality and helps you to take action now.

All workshop materials + Norridge snacks (all day). And lotsa fun!!

13.15 - 2.30 Organic Plant Powered Lunch & abundance of healthy treats throughout the day w/Norridge

Choose from the menu of seasonal delights prepared and cooked with love by Rowan & Liv. Think of winter warming vegan plant based goodness to hit the spot. Lunch will also include savoury and sweet treats. The full menu will be released closer to the time as Rowan + Liv are carefully planning a special retreat day menu of tasty seasonal food just for you. If you have any specific dietary requirements, please contact them at norridgepopup@gmail.com following ticket confirmation.

2.45 - 3.30 Facial Massage + Breath Workshop w/Jade Jasmin (awesome natural skin care + treats goodie bag)

The winter days can take their toll on our bodies and minds so it’s important to relax and rejuvenate ourselves. Through meditation and breath work exercises, Jade Jasmin will share simple breathing techniques to lift your mood, bring oxygen to the body and mind to give you more clarity, and bring balance to your whole body. Using natural oils, Jade will guide you through a face massage demonstration, revealing how to improve the appearance of skin and keep it nourished come rain or shine. So easy that you can do it at home, self-massage brings oxygen to the blood cells, aids lymphatic drainage and removes waste from skin. Sign up to get that natural glow, as Jade finishes with a body scan meditation to help connect your body and mind.

3.50 - 5.05 Yin Yoga Session w/Jade Jasmin

Slow down and give yourself some time out with 75 mins of grounding and calming Yin Yoga with Jade Jasmin. Yin is a deeply healing and nourishing practice which allows the mind and body to release and relax on many levels. Bring cosy socks, warm clothes. Yoga mats and blankets provided.

5.05 - 6.30 Open Social 

Time to find our what’s going on in the area over the season, share your recommendations and meet new people with shared interests. Shop, mingle, explore the wonderful space and garden at 91 and leave with inspiration and actionable ways to continue the flow of practice beyond the day. You are welcome to invite some guests too who can also the wonderful Norridge delights into the evening.

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