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Hello & Welcome

I am Catherine Moore (Co-founder, CBT Therapist) & I am Jonathan Moore (Co-founder, Curator). We are a creative couple who appreciate the need for slowing down, cultivating our inner landscape, opening up to the seasons and having conversations that truly matter.

Moore & Moore Living is an extension of that. It’s an integrated creative space of modern wellbeing that includes a contemporary psychotherapy practice specialising in compassionate CBT & curate wellbeing events, meaningful collaborations & resources.


Because it’s our mission is to help you to live and awesome and inspired life with greater balance and connect to what matters to you.

What’s important to you?

- Catherine & Jonathan

Spring Gathering 2019

“How nice it was to do something as a couple that wasn't another disappointing meal out, or the cinema, or the pub. But something that has got us thinking and talking and generally feeling better internally. And why on earth don't we do it more often! How the weeks, months years even, have flown by without much consideration for pausing and breathing in the good stuff.”

“Very inspiring.”


“Loved how you connected us to nature.”

NY Retreat Day 2019

This seasonal inspired retreat, curated by Moore & Moore Living, was a truly special day. From the dreamy space and talented collaborators; to the styling and objects used; every detail worked hard to create a peaceful, non-judgmental space. I left ready to walk into the new year with a newly invigorated creative energy.” Read more from Norwich based sustainable living writer Jess Mcdonald aka talking.rubbish_norwich here….

“Catherine’s ability to collaborate in a non-judgemental, natural and unpretentious way means that we will work together again and again in the future. Catherine is someone who is heartfelt and that means a lot in a world that can often seem so disconnected”.

- Angela, Founder, BOTANY

“Compassionate no nonsense health for the head + heart. Therapy helped me deal with a whole bunch of issues I had been avoiding for years + helped me find new ways to survive modern living. Thanks Catherine!” - Emily

“Catherine helped open a door to a whole new way of being, a place where I’m free to live by my own values, a place free from musts and shoulds. It makes my time with Catherine one of the most important things I have ever done.” Amy

“As a long time CBT sceptic, I have been proved totally wrong by Catherine. With just a few sessions, I have learned how to cope better with my depression. She is a warm, empathetic therapist who teaches the fundamental importance of self-compassion. I highly recommend her if you’re finding life difficult.” - Erica